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Check Out our New Ads!

Canadian Nuclear Association's ad campaign at Ottawa International Airport

Canadian Nuclear Association’s ad campaign at Ottawa International Airport

Next time you’re hustling through Ottawa International Airport, keep an eye out for our new ads! They’re running under the headline, “Serious About Climate Change? Get Serious About Nuclear.”

You’ll find the ads between gates 16 and 17 (Air Canada’s Rapidair gate) and outside the Porter Lounge.

The ads guide the viewer to information about nuclear’s clean-air benefits.


Climate Change: Time to Act

By John Stewart
Director, Policy and Research
Canadian Nuclear Association

According to a poll published last week by Canada 2020 and the University of Montreal, 71% of Canadians think climate change should be a top priority of the federal government.

And 84% believe the federal government should take primary responsibility for addressing global warming.

On climate change, the discussions on “whether or not” and “why” are over.  Now the discussion is about how to respond, and how quickly.  That’s going to involve everyone.

While there is a useful ongoing dialog on climate going on this week in Warsaw, it’s plain to most of us that the disease is progressing much more quickly than the cure.

Few players will merely wait until national governments lead us.

Companies, junior levels of government, and other organizations of all stripes – community to industry to international — are stepping up.  This reflects a wider pattern of smaller players driving some of the most progressive and imaginative policy movements.

The UN Global Compact has just released guidelines to help companies engage transparently and accountably in climate policy:

This week at the Canadian Nuclear Association, we launched two important and complementary initiatives:

  • First meeting of our GHG Working Group.  The Working Group will spend coming months developing an industry position on GHGs.
  • Kickoff of a major independent study of the life-cycle emissions from power generation.  The study, by the engineering group Hatch, will compare lifespan emissions from nuclear, natural gas, and wind.

Our purpose is to contribute sound, well-thought-out ideas to federal and provincial dialogs on controlling GHGs.

In a related initiative, we are also beginning to consult CNA members and environmental experts about a sustainability code of practice.

Momentum is building, not just in Warsaw, but around the world.

Not in decades has the world’s population faced a common struggle like this one.  The threat is against all of us.  Organizations big and small are engaging actively, and with strong public support.


Talking Nuclear: Dialogue in Action – Register Now for CNA2013

Registration is now open!

Register before September 14, 2012 and be entered into a draw to win a FREE two-night stay in a Westin suite during the conference.

Explore the CNA2013 site to discover what we have planned for you. Learn what this year’s Talking Nuclear: Dialogue in Action theme is about, view the preliminary Program, check out many of our confirmed speakers, and see who has already jumped on board as Sponsors of this world-class nuclear industry event!

2013 Program Topics and Speakers Include:

  • Industry Panel on Nuclear Refurbishment Projects – CEOs from three nuclear facilities will share lessons learned from past projects and discuss how they will be applied to future initiatives.
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr Joe MacInnis,Titanic & Ocean Explorer – Gain insights on the values of courage, communication, and teamwork that enhance performance under the ocean and in the corporate world.
  • Community Leader Panel – Mayors from nuclear communities and a member of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization will discuss about how effective community outreach and education is essential in fostering an informed and engaged community on nuclear projects.

There will be so much more. Check the CNA2013 site for updates as the program evolves.

Don’t miss your chance to win a two-night stay at the Westin for the Conference. Register before September 14th!

See you there!
Canadian Nuclear Association  
2013 Conference and Trade Show
February 27 – March 1, 2013
Westin Hotel, Ottawa, ON

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Have your Heard the NUze? The CNA Newsletter Launched Today!

We hit another major milestone today! Introducing the NUze – the brand new newsletter from your Canadian Nuclear Association. In it we recap what we think are the biggest Canadian nuclear news stories and events of the last quarter. This first issue includes a summary of the very successful and well-attended 2012 CNA Conference and Trade Show and recalls fondly our NU Energy on the Hill Day last October. Get updates on industry news, the regulatory and government relations scene, and a snapshot of upcoming events.

To subscribe to the NUze, simply click HERE. If you have story ideas, events or tips to share with Canadian nuclear community and interested parties, email us at TalkNUclear@cna.ca.

Now here is a message from our President and CEO, Denise Carpenter, with more on the NUze and why it’s important.

President & CEO of the CNA – Denise Carpenter

I am pleased to introduce you to the inaugural issue of the Canadian Nuclear Association’s (CNA) quarterly newsletter, the NUze. It features updates on recent events and important developments affecting Canada’s nuclear industry, and is distributed to CNA members, affiliates, politicians, policy-makers, media and other key stakeholders.

Click here to download the NUze in PDF

The CNA has been working hard over the past two years to build a NU brand and a strong voice through many communications vehicles. The NUze is the latest addition to this suite of products, which also includes our “TalkNUclear” social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our TalkNUclear blog (TalkNUclear.ca). As always, I invite you to visit us on online, post your comments and let us know if you wish to contribute in any other way.

Our five-year strategic plan, “Dialogue for Understanding and Growth,” recognizes the importance of talking with our members, but also the value of sharing information about our members with those beyond our industry. Through the NUze, we are aiming to tell the stories about our industry, the actions we continuously undertake to ensure safe, reliable operations and the men and women who work to bring these stories to life.

We’re also cleaning up our mailing list at the same time. If you do not wish to receive our quarterly NUze updates you can opt-out by clicking the SafeUnsubscribe link below. To opt-in or submit story ideas, simply email us at TalkNUclear@cna.ca.

The NUze is the latest milestone to making significant progress towards the achievement of our Vision for the industry. We will seize the opportunity, earn the trust and focus the dialogue for a robust, vibrant nuclear industry in Canada.

Click here to download the NUze in PDF 

Denise Carpenter
President and CEO


Le bulletin NUvelles est aussi disponible en français. Cliquez ici.

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Fukushima: One Year Later – Statement by Denise Carpenter

Statement by Denise Carpenter, President and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Association on the first anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan

March 8, 2012– Ottawa, Ontario

“One year ago, approximately 20,000 lives were lost and many forever changed following a devastating earthquake and tsunami off the north coast of Japan.

The natural disaster was also felt in the nuclear industry when the emergency back-up generators at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station were disabled by the unprecedented 24-foot tsunami.

Since the tragedy, the nuclear industry – at home and around the world – has been working to share valuable lessons learned to continue to ensure safety standards and policies reflect current findings. In Canada, our industry moved quickly to provide Canadians with as many facts as possible about the event – and assure them of the safety of our nuclear facilities.

Soon after the disaster struck, Canada’s nuclear companies launched a thorough assessment of our own systems and operations to confirm their safety, including looking at back-up power systems and the ability of nuclear facilities to withstand natural disasters that might occur here.

Last October, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) released the Fukushima Task Force Report.  It concludes that all Canadian nuclear power plants are safe with facilities designed to withstand conditions similar to those that triggered at Fukushima.

Globally, it’s important for the nuclear industry to share valuable lessons learned from the tragedy in Japan. As an industry, we acted swiftly to increase safety through a diverse and robust emergency response capability that can deal with unexpected events.

In particular, we examined natural disasters such as tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, and the emergencies these events create. Canada’s nuclear facilities are planning and implementing dozens of Fukushima-related projects between now and the end of 2016.

Nuclear is a clean, reliable source of baseload power and an important part of Canada’s energy portfolio. Opportunities ahead in the Canadian industry span the country and the globe, including, the Government of Saskatchewan’s  investment in a $30 million Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation; refurbishment plans underway in Ontario; and the broadening of the Canada-China Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Energy Cooperation which will see hundreds of new jobs and billions in new investments for Canada.

As an industry, we are committed to working together as we continue to analyze and implement lessons learned from Fukushima. But today, on behalf of the 71,000 workers in Canada’s nuclear industry, we pause to remember those affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami one year ago.”

Visit our Fukushima: One year later page for more updates and FAQ


Happy NU Year!