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The Canadian Space Agency’s Nuclear Connection

A competition for two new astronaut spots launched by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) received over 3,000 applicants from outstanding Canadians looking to be part of the new frontier in space exploration. From a list of thousands, the race to space is getting narrow, just over a dozen candidates remain. The candidates are as different as their backgrounds and include military personnel, doctors and engineers.

Amongst those in the final running to be selected to join the CSA’s elite team is Alex DeLorey, a project manager for the Bruce Power Nuclear Refurbishment and a SNC-Lavalin team member.
DeLorey is hoping to be one of the final two to earn a coveted spot with the CSA.

Courtesy: Alex DeLorey

“The round of seventy-two was very physical, testing what you’d need to do to be successful on the job, including a grip test while wearing a space suit which is pressurized. The pressurized suit makes it harder to close your hands and demonstrates the difficulty of using tools in space. The round of thirty-two was survival testing,” according to DeLorey.

The survival testing included a series of drills that involved everything from simulating a helicopter crashing into ocean water to various emergency situations, such as fires and floods. To prepare for the trials, DeLorey spent time with the Milton fire department running through different scenarios that included re-enacting rescuing a person from a burning building; containing hazardous materials and rappelling down three stories on a rope. The man who looks to David Saint-Jacques as the astronaut he admires most, spent last summer learning to scuba dive, skydive and fly an airplane, all of this even before submitting an application.

“I had done quite a bit of research on the last recruitment campaign and tailored my preparation for it. I still fly at least once a week to keep my skills up and once it warms up I’ll try to get some scuba and skydiving in,” said DeLorey. “I have been going to the gym regularly at 6:00 am every weekday for the past four years and I also swim a few times a week.”

His strict regimen includes studying all things space related and keeping up with his French language training, even though he is already bilingual. Then there’s his day job as a Project Manager on the Bruce Power Refurbishment: A background which he believes has helped him in his outer space quest.

“I think it helped prepare me quite a bit. I’ve been on the reactor face for Wolsong (A nuclear power plant in South Korea) breathing out of a tube. The places and the situations are very stressful and they can be dangerous if you make wrong choices and so it has prepared me in that sense,” according to DeLorey. “Nuclear is a small industry but an international industry and I have experience of working with international teams so it’s given me quite a bit of preparation.”

The biggest challenge for this astronaut contender is time management. On top of the tremendous amount of training that has been required to get him this far, he continues to maintain his full-time job as a member of the SNC-Lavalin team. He also makes sure he can get out into the community and engage with students about the importance of pursuing your dreams and he recently became a dad for the first time. To make it all happen, DeLorey relies on a strong support network and he gives credit to his wife for his successes to date.

DeLorey speaking to students

Recently, the Trump administration signed a bill in support of NASA, support which could see a manned mission to Mars. It’s a mission this Canadian hopes he will be a part of.

“The plans for space missions in the future include sending astronauts beyond the moon for deep space testing and finally further to Mars,” stated DeLorey. “I would most like to be a part of any of those missions and get to be on the call back to Earth to tell everyone that we had made it to the destination and be a part of the excitement that would come from that.”

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Nuclear Industry Execs See Opportunity in Canada

Below is a guest blog from our friends at AREVA who were among the 70+ sponsors and exhibitors at the 2012 CNA Conference and Trade Show in Ottawa. AREVA, like many of our member companies, is a great champion for Canada’s nuclear industry. The post below sums up our industry’s optimism with a few key highlights from this year’s presentations. Thanks for sharing, AREVA!

Tom Mitchell - Chair, WANO Fukushima Response Commission

Executives from the nuclear energy industry expressed optimism regarding business opportunities in Canada this week at the Canadian Nuclear Association’s (CNA) annual conference in Ottawa. Despite the concerns raised following the events at Fukushima, industry leaders see strong prospects for business in Canada.

“While other jurisdictions may be scaling back their nuclear energy commitment because of Fukushima, we are not,” said Tom Mitchell, president and CEO of Ontario Power Generation (OPG), according to an article in the Ottawa Citizen. Mitchell pointed out the events of last year have presented the industry with “a great opportunity.”

“It’s once again made people aware of nuclear energy. It may have put some aspects of the industry on the spot. But it’s also put us in the spotlight,” Mitchell said.

Patrick Lamarre, Executive Vice President, SNC-Lavalin

Patrick Lamarre, executive vice president at SNC-Lavalin group, told a packed conference that “our nuclear business is something we believe in.” Lamarre added that this business could contribute to a significant portion of our bottom line,” according to a Reuters report.

Lamarre urged the Ontario government to move forward with plans to build new reactors in the province, projects he said that would be important for the Province’s economy.

AREVA remains very committed in building new nuclear plants in Canada and has proposed its technology in Ontario as well as in New Brunswick.

“As the leading supplier to the nuclear sector worldwide, AREVA has very broad experience building new reactors and providing services to the existing fleet. In addition, AREVA is one of Canada’s top uranium producers. We remain very bullish regarding opportunities in Canada across all of our business lines,” said Jean-Francois Beland, executive vice president of AREVA Canada.


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Canada’s Nuclear Industry Aligned for Growth in 2012

February 24, 2012 – Ottawa, Ontario

Canada’s nuclear industry is poised for future growth and prosperity, according to discussions at the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) Annual Conference and Trade Show in Ottawa.

Canada’s nuclear industry is as strong as ever,” said Denise Carpenter, President and Chief Executive Officer, CNA. “Over the past few days, we have had great discussions on how our industry is leveraging lessons learned from Fukushima and how innovations in research and technology can improve and grow nuclear in Canada and abroad.”

More than 650 delegates from the nuclear community attended the conference, themed ‘Leadership Through Innovation.’

Tom Mitchell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Power Generation (OPG), provided an overview of the progress made by the World Association of Nuclear Operators Fukushima Response Commission and discussed groundbreaking methods of communicating risk and nuclear safety. (Download the PDF of Tom’s speech here)

“We are not ignoring the lessons we learned from Fukushima,” said Mitchell. “Safety, despite our industry’s excellent track record, can never be taken for granted.”

OPG has almost a dozen Fukushima-related projects underway or planned for implementation between now and the end of 2016.

Underscoring the industry’s growth, the Honourable Rob Norris, Saskatchewan’s Minister Responsible for Innovation, announced a multi-year agreement to provide funding for the new $30 million Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation.

Other conference highlights included a keynote speech by Patrick Lamarre on the future opportunities for SNC-Lavalin Nuclear following their recent acquisition of the CANDU Reactor Division of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, and the presentation of the annual Ian McRae Award to Mr. Gerald (Jerry) Grandey, former Chief Executive Officer of Cameco Corporation.

Conference highlights, including links to videos from speaker sessions, can be found on Twitter by following @TalkNUclear and #cnagm2012.

(Update: check out #cnagm2012 photo highlights on our Google+ page)

CNA2012 Update – Westinghouse CTO Kate Jackson Joins Agenda

We are pleased to announce Westinghouse‘s Kate Jackson has been added to the excellent roster of presenters at the 2012 Canadian Nuclear Association Conference and Trade Show.

Dr. Kate Jackson is sr. vice president and chief technology officer at Westinghouse. Since returning to Westinghouse, where she began her career as an engineer in the former Nuclear Technology Division, Kate has made significant contributions to the formulation of Westinghouse’s new technology development process. Dr. Jackson rejoined Westinghouse in 2008 as vice president, strategy for Research & Technology, following 17 years at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), where she held a number of executive roles involving leadership of key technology, research and environmental initiatives. Immediately prior to joining Westinghouse, she served as executive vice president in charge of River System Operations & Environment and chief environmental officer.

Dr. Jackson will speak on the topic of innovation, as well as participate in a panel discussion titled “Bright Ideas to Keep the Lights On.”

Of this latest addition to the agenda, WiN-Canada Executive Director, Cheryl Cottrill, says:

WiN is very pleased to see Kate Jackson, a senior level female executive, on your conference agenda. Kate is very supportive of WiN in the U.S. and she will be a great addition to your program.

Don’t forget to keep in touch with our weekly Conference updates and Sponsor Spotlights at TalkNuclear.ca

 To register or for more information, see the links below, or contact Alex Wolf at wolfa@cna.ca.

 See you in February!


Sponsor Spotlight

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CNA Supports the Acquisition of the CANDU Reactor Division of AECL

President & CEO of the CNA – Denise Carpenter

Since the Government of Canada announced plans to restructure AECL in 2007, the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) has been consistent and clear that we support a structure that will advance the nuclear energy industry in Canada and make it more competitive. Today’s decision marks the turning of an important corner for Canadian nuclear technology. SNC-Lavalin, like AECL, is a valued member of the CNA and we wish them success in this new venture. Great opportunities lie ahead.

The CNA represents the future of all nuclear technologies in Canada.  We want to grow the benefits those technologies can bring to the lives of Canadians. Our industry supports changes that will open up opportunities to expand those benefits and the excellent, high-knowledge jobs that go along with them. We have also emphasized that research is at the heart of our industry.

For Canada to remain a competitive player in the global nuclear industry we need investments in science, technology and innovation to maintain our expertise which is known around the world. The next step, in our view, is for the Government to review the governance and future of nuclear science and technology in Canada.

The division of AECL that is not being divested is central to the nuclear S&T sector in Canada.  That sector also consists of major facilities in Vancouver, Saskatoon and Laval plus various private companies and more than a dozen universities across the country.  We urge the Government to strike an expert panel as soon as possible to consider the governance and future of this sector.

CANDU reactor designs are intrinsically safe and proliferation-resistant.  They exceed federal standards, and operate safely in at least six countries including some of the largest future markets for nuclear:  China, India and South Korea.  With their excellent record of operating performance, these designs – and the group of Canadians who stand behind them – potentially have a large role to play in meeting the needs of these and other emerging markets.

So do the rest of the roughly 100 companies in our industry and the people who work there, spreading the benefits of nuclear technologies – from medicine, to food safety, to crop science, to advanced manufacturing – around the world.

On behalf of the Canadian nuclear industry, we congratulate SNC-Lavalin as they renew and grow their role in Canada’s commercial reactor sector.”

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The Future of AECL – Pending an Official Announcement

The federal government announced its plan to restructure AECL back in 2007. It must be close to fruition since this week the news of the impending sale of AECL’s CANDU division has all but taken over the headlines.

We at the CNA have consistently stated our support for a structure that will advance the nuclear energy industry in Canada and make it more competitive. We’re waiting with baited breath for the details and will update you when they’re revealed.

Here is a snapshot of the headlines. Keep in mind that nothing official has been announced so everything is speculation.

Privatization of AECL will mean higher costs for ratepayers: critics
iPolitics.ca June 28, 2011 (carried in the Toronto Star and elsewhere)

TORONTO – The proposed sale of Crown-owned Atomic Energy of Canada to a Montreal-based engineering firm will lead to higher costs for ratepayers in Ontario, critics warned Tuesday…

Impending AECL sale puts Ontario, Ottawa on collision course
Globe and Mail, June 28, 2011

Ontario is on a collision course with Ottawa over the Harper government’s impending deal to sell off Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., and get out of the business of subsidizing nuclear reactor sales…

Dwight Duncan on Ottawa’s AECL deal: ‘What are they going to do for Ontario?’
Globe and Mail, June 28, 2011

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan signalled Tuesday that the province is heading for a showdown with Ottawa over the fate of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd…

AECL sale shouldn’t affect Lepreau: Leonard
CBC, June 29, 2011

The sale of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. to SNC-Lavalin should not affect the troubled refurbishment project at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station, Energy Minister Craig Leonard said Tuesday…

New Democrats call for audit of AECL selloff
Northumberland View, June 28, 2011

OTTAWA – New Democrats have taken their concerns about the sell-off of Canada’s nuclear crown corporation to a higher power—asking the Auditor General to perform a value-for-money audit before any deal is completed…

Opposition wary of AECL sale
Leader-Post, June 29, 2011

Opposition politicians demanded the government negotiate a fair price for Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Tuesday, as rumours swirled that the Crown corporation soon will be sold to Montreal-based engineering giant SNC-Lavalin…

Feds on verge of selling AECL: Reports
Sudbury Star, June 29, 2011

OTTAWA — The federal government is on the verge of selling Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. to Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin, according to media reports…

Lavalin nears deal for CANDU maker
Montreal Gazette, June 29, 2011

Opposition politicians demanded the government negotiate a fair price for Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Tuesday, as rumours swirled that the crown corporation soon will be sold to engineering giant SNC-Lavalin…