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Nuclear Education

2013 Canadian Nuclear Society Scholarship

cnsThe Canadian Nuclear Society is pleased to offer a scholarship to promote excellence in nuclear science and engineering in Canadian universities.

This scholarship is intended to supplement the salary of a full-time PhD student entering his/her second or third year of graduate studies in nuclear science and engineering at a Canadian University.

The scholarship amounts to $5,000 per year for two years. Two scholarships may be awarded in 2013.

Download the PDF for more details: Notice2013 Graduate Scholarship

Guest Blog

2012 was Very Good to WiN…

By Cheryll Cottrill
Executive Director

To wrap up the year, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the wonderful accomplishments within the WiN organization in 2012:

  • WiN-Canada membership continues to grow with a 20% increase over last year, largely due to the new chapter inSaskatchewan.
  • We completed the incorporation of WiN, opened a new bank account and took over our own banking responsibilities.
  • We secured continued support for the full time Executive Director position from OPG and Bruce Power.
  • We had diverse attendance from companies in the industry at our annual conference. We enjoyed record sponsorship from the industry, which helped us realize a profit of over $50,000.00, to be used for 2013 programming.
  • We produced a new WiN promotional video showcasing members talking about their personal experiences within WiN.
  • We purchased science curriculum kits at the chapter level to be distributed to kindergarten and daycare classrooms that offer a very hands-on experience connecting science to everyday life.
  • An article about WiN’s position paper, Women in the Skilled Trades and Technology – Myths and Realties was featured in the Media Planet insertion for International Women’s Day in the Toronto Star.
  • We had a large presence at the CNA conference in Ottawa. We staffed a WiN booth and Susan Brissette, WiN-Canada’s Past President spoke on a plenary panel on Innovative Methods of Communicating Science and Colleen Sidford, WiN-Canada’s President, spoke on a panel on Career Development.
  • We welcomed the WiN-Saskatchewan chapter into the WiN-Canada family and signed a co-operation agreement with Saskatchewan Women in Mining (SWIM) to create a joint chapter. A very successful launch with over 100 attendees took place at the CNS conference in June.
  • WiN also had a great presence at the CNS conference inSaskatchewan. Thanks to the board members who put in the nomination, I was awarded the CNA/CNS Education and Communication award for my work with WiN-Canada. WiN also presented at the CNS Annual meeting and at the NAYGN seminar on our activities and staffed a booth at the conference.
  • We participated in 10 Skills Canada dinners acrossCanada, reaching over 1,160 elementary and secondary school female students.
  • We facilitated two successful full week summer GIRLS Science Camps, a 2-day March break camp and 6 club sessions.Other chapters are doing outreach in schools, attending community events i.e., Science Olympics, GIRLS Inc., Go ENG Girl. As result of all our programs we reached over 270 girls grades 4-7.
  • We helped organize two successful Skills Work! Summer Day Camps for boys and girls showcasing different trades and technologies used in the nuclear industry.
  • We provided a monetary award to the female student with the highest overall mark at the Ontario Technological Skills Competition.
  • We sat on the Communication Working Committee, the Social Media Working Committee at the CNA and participated in the CEO Leadership Forum for the nuclear industry.
  • We participated in a very successful Parliament Hill Day with over 36 participants attending meetings with 25 senators, MPs and parliamentary staff.
  • We contributed WiN-Canada stories to all four issues of WiNFO put out by our global organization.
  • We had a number of great outreach opportunities by the board this year with OSPE; Saugeen District Secondary School; the CNA Board, Communications Committee and Social Media Committee; CEO Leadership Forum; CNS Nuclear 101 and annual meeting; NAYGN; 7thAnnual Int’l Youth Nuclear Congress; AECL Open House; Go ENG Girl; and CNI-LP.
  • Our website drew 25,690 visitors from 161 countries. The blog was read over 14,000 times over the past year and the women on WiN feature drew over 30,000 page views.
  • We held a number of local chapter meetings covering excellent topics with great speakers reaching over 790 members.

WiN has been very busy and successful 2012 and 2013 proves to be just as active. All this work is the result of our wonderful members who work tirelessly to support the industry’s success. I hope you all come back refreshed and ready to take an active role in all WiN’s activities in 2013.

As this is my final blog for 2012, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the happiest of holidays. Enjoy your time with family and friends. It has been a great year for Women in Nuclear (WiN) and we look forward to bigger and better things in 2013.
Nuclear Pride

WiN-Canada Profiles CNA Chief, Heather Kleb

Heather Kleb, VP, Canadian Nuclear Association

Women-in-Nuclear Canada does a great job of highlighting opportunities for, and raising the profile of, women in the nuclear industry. One way they do this is with the “Women of WiN” page on their website.

Visit the page to meet some of our industry’s interesting, skilled, talented, and amazing women. But wait, here’s one now!

WiN is profiling our interim President and CEO, Heather Kleb. Heather’s busy wearing two hats these days; she’s Acting President at CNA but also responsible for directing CNA regulatory affairs on behalf of all our industry members.

Learn about Heather at or read on below.

Heather Kleb
Title: Vice President
Company: Canadian Nuclear Association

As Vice President at the Canadian Nuclear Association, Heather Kleb helps create a positive public, political, and regulatory environment for Canada’s nuclear industry. Heather started her career in the nuclear field as an environmental scientist nearly ten years ago.

In this role, she participated in regulatory hearings where she observed first-hand how public perceptions about nuclear energy can affect the industry and the communities where we operate. Now, in a senior role at the CNA, she has the opportunity to address these perceptions and promote the nuclear industry within Canada and abroad.

Before nuclear, Heather spent nearly a decade working in mining and other industries after completing her Masters in Science in Ecology at the University of Regina. During these early years, Heather was mentored by a female biologist who greatly influenced her career. It was this experience that motivated her to become involved with Women in Nuclear.

As a member of WiN, Heather is able to support the success of women within the industry and to further her career through interactions with other industry professionals.

Messages Nuclear Pride

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CNA Responds Nuclear Energy Nuclear Pride Nuclear Safety

CNA Endorses OPG’s Applications for Renewal of Darlington Facilities

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) welcomes and endorses Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) applications to renew its Darlington facilities. These applications cover refurbishment and ongoing operation of the Darlington nuclear generating facility, and renewal of the Darlington Waste Management Facility’s licence for a 10-year period.

“I’m delivering this message not just on behalf of at least 60,000 Canadians whose livelihoods are supported by our industry, but also for the 13.5 million Ontarians who deserve to enjoy the same affordable clean air energy in the future that they have in the past,” said Heather Kleb, CNA President and CEO.

“Darlington supplies electricity that is extremely reliable, reasonably priced, emits virtually no greenhouse gas from operations, and delivers high-wage, highly skilled jobs. The Darlington Nuclear Generating Station has been one of the largest contributors of electricity to Ontario’s power grid since 1990. We at CNA feel very strongly that the continued service of these facilities is vital for an ongoing stable supply of base load electricity to Ontario homes, workplaces and businesses.

“The Darlington station is an extremely valuable economic resource that has not yet reached the mid-way point of its functional service life. By renewing it, Ontario has a great opportunity to realize more value from this asset. The front-end cost of nuclear plants is spread over several decades of operating life, allowing them to produce electricity at low and predictable unit costs.

“Nuclear is one of the assets that has made Ontario so attractive in the past for investors and knowledge industries. Darlington is helping that to continue.”

A recently released study by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters determined that nuclear is an integral part of Canada’s innovation, manufacturing and export capacity. Refurbishing ten nuclear reactors will support at least 10,000 jobs for the coming eleven years, plus ongoing long-term jobs in plant operations.

Ms. Kleb added that the safety of operations at Darlington has been demonstrated through 20 years of commercial power generation at this site, and over 40 years in the province.

Ms. Kleb spoke on December 5 at a Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Public Hearing in Courtice, Ontario.