CNA response to The London Free Press op-ed on January 17

RE: Op-ed Ontario should denuclearize its power generation (Jan. 17)

Ian Fairlie and Erika Simpson use the recent false provincial alert regarding the Pickering station as an opportunity to engage in fear-mongering about nuclear power.

The article consists of many misleading statements and is not based on credible scenarios.

The false alert was the result of a provincial alert system test and was unrelated to any event at the Pickering station.

The Pickering station is a CANDU design with a long history of safe performance. It is regularly upgraded to ensure alignment with international codes and standards.

In 2019, the station achieved its best-ever year of safety and reliability and was recently recognized for performance excellence by the World Association of Nuclear Operators.

Like all Canadian nuclear plants, the station benefits from strong oversight by an independent and highly-regarded regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

The safety culture and human performance of the Canadian nuclear industry is often emulated by other countries and industries.

John Gorman
President and CEO
Canadian Nuclear Association
Ottawa, ON

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