CNA responds to the Ontario Clean Air Alliance

The CNA sent the following letter to the Hamilton Spectator in response to an opinion piece by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.

Re: It’s time Ontario said no to nuclear (Feb. 3)

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is using the recent false provincial alert regarding the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station as an opportunity to engage in fear-mongering about nuclear power.

The opinion piece is full of misleading and distracting statements at a time when clear and accurate information about nuclear has never been more important.

Canada’s nuclear industry is among the safest and most strictly regulated in the world. The Pickering station is a CANDU design with a long history of safe performance. It is regularly upgraded to ensure alignment with international codes and standards.

In 2019, the station achieved its best-ever year of safety and reliability, and was recently recognized for performance excellence by the World Association of Nuclear Operators.

Like all Canadian nuclear plants, the station benefits from strong oversight by an independent and highly regarded regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Nuclear energy provided 60 per cent of Ontario’s electricity in 2019 and has enabled the province to phase-out coal. Across Canada, the industry accounts for 76,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Last year, I shifted from advocating for solar energy to promoting nuclear energy. It was a logical outcome of the realization that the climate emergency requires us all to pick up the pace of transformation.

I’m proud to be part of an industry that, along with solar, wind and hydroelectric, provides clean electricity that is virtually free of the emissions and helps mitigate climate change.

The critical transition to a low-carbon economy will be almost impossible without the reliable, safe and clean energy that nuclear technology provides.

John Gorman
President and CEO
Canadian Nuclear Association
Ottawa, ON

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