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CNA Announces 2019 Board of Directors

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) announced at its Annual General Meeting last week the election of its new Board of Directors to oversee the association’s strategy and overall direction.

Here are the 2019-20 board members:

  • Frank Saunders, President of the Nuclear Innovation Institute (Chair of the CNA)
  • John MacQuarrie, President BWXT (Vice-Chair of the CNA)
  • Jennifer Rowe, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Ontario Power Generation
  • Alice Wong, Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Officer, Cameco Corporation
  • William A. Fox III, Executive Vice-President, Nuclear, SNC-Lavalin
  • Brett Plummer, Vice-President Nuclear & Chief Nuclear Officer, NB Power
  • Mike Marsh, President and Chief Executive Officer, SaskPower
  • Eddie Saab, President, Canada, Westinghouse Electric Company
  • Sam Bambino, Vice President, AECON Nuclear
  • Pierre Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer, AECOM
  • Sanjay Krishnan, Vice-President Nuclear, Tetra Tech
  • Spencer Fox, President, E.S. Fox
  • *Jim Sarvinis, Managing Director, Power, HATCH
  • David Campbell, Senior Vice President, Veolia Nuclear Solutions
  • Michael Knaszak, Senior Vice President & Project Director, Sargent & Lundy
  • Mark Lesinski, President & Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd.
  • Julie West, Vice President, Nuclear Safety & Licensing, Kinectrics
  • Vik Tathe, Vice President, Business Development, EnergySolutions
  • Richard Sexton, President and Chief Executive Officer, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • David Cates, President & Chief Executive Officer, Denison Mines
  • Howard Shearer, Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Canada
  • *Bradley Michell, Ste Leader, IMI Critical Engineering
  • Michael Chatlani, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Power Systems and Simulation, L3 MAPPS
  • Jason Jermark, Vice President, Power Generation Services, Siemens Canada Limited
  • Jordan Chou, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Power Utility Services Ltd.
  • Milton Caplan, President, MZ Consulting Inc.
  • Jeremy Rasmussen, Chief Technology Officer, PTAG
  • Nick Aroutzidis, President & Chief Executive Officer, NA Engineering Associates Inc.
  • Nigel Fonseca, Senior Vice President, Ontario and Western Canada, Alithya
  • Bob Walker, Vice President, Power Workers’ Union
  • Scott Travers, President, The Society of United Professionals
  • *Keith Stratton, President, Canadian Nuclear Society
  • Matthew Mairinger, Canadian Affairs Chair, North American Young Generation Nuclear (NAYGN)
  • *Lisa McBride, President, Women in Nuclear Canada

*New board member

Nuclear Energy Nuclear Pride

Announcing our New Board of Directors!

We held our 52nd AGM on Thursday May 17 at AECON headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario. It was a momentous occasion as we elected 12 Directors to our Board. That is more elected members, more representation across the industry, than ever before! We are stronger when we work together.

Welcome to the brand new additions to our Board of Directors: Edward Veckie, Carol Wilson Hodges, Jeremy Rasmussen, Tim Reedman, Joseph Zwetolitz, Howard Shearer, Macit Cobanoglu, and Nick Aroutzidis. We’re excited to work with all of you, on the path forward to a stronger and vibrant nuclear industry in Canada!

Meet our new Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Past Chair: ONTARIO POWER GENERATION, Wayne Robbins, Chief Nuclear Officer
  • Chair: CAMECO CORPORATION, Grant Isaac, Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice Chair: BRUCE POWER, Duncan Hawthorne, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Finance Chair: TETRA TECH, Hany Michael, Senior Vice President, Nuclear Division
  • Governance Committee Chair AECL, Robert Walker, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Public Affairs Committee Chair AREVA CANADA INC., Jean-François Béland, Executive Vice-President
  • Regulatory Advisory Committee Chair: KINECTRICS INC., Katherine Moshonas Cole, Executive Consultant


  • AECON, Macit Cobanoglu, Vice President, Nuclear New Board member
  • AMEC, James Rippon, President
  • BABCOCK & WILCOX CANADA, Mike Lees, President, Nuclear Power Generation Group
  • CANADIAN POWER UTILITY SERVICES LTD., Jordan Quan Ban Chou, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • CANDU ENERGY INC., Kevin Wallace, President & General Manager
  • E.S. FOX, Spencer Fox, President
  • ÉNERGIE NB POWER, Blair Kennedy, Vice President, Nuclear
  • ENERGYSOLUTIONS CANADA, Carol Wilson Hodges, President New Board Member!
  • GE-HITACHI NUCLEAR ENERGY CANADA INC., Peter W. Mason, President  & Chief Executive Officer
  • HATCH LTD., Alan O’Brien, Global Managing Director
  • HITACHI POWER SYSTEMS CANADA LTD, Howard Shearer, President and Chief Executive Officer New Board Member!
  • HYDRO-QUÉBEC, Mario Désilets, Director, Nuclear Generation
  • IAN MARTIN LIMITED, Bruce Mullock, General Manager
  • INDUSTRIAL AUDIT CORPORATION, Jeremy Rasmussen, President New Board Member!
  • L-3 MAPPS, Michael Chatlani, Vice President, Marketing & Sales Power Systems and Simulation
  • MACDONALD, DETTWILER AND ASSOCIATES INC., Tim Reedman, Director Terrestrial Applications, Space Missions New Board Member!
  • NA ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES INC., Nick Aroutzidis, Principal New Board Member!
  • NEWMAN HATTERSLEY LTD., Michael Krause, Operations Director
  • POWER WORKERS’ UNION, Don MacKinnon, President
  • SASKPOWER, Robert Watson, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • SOCIETY OF ENERGY PROFESSIONALS, Rod Sheppard, President (pro-term)
  • UNIFIED ENGINEERING, Edward Veckie, Vice President New Board Member!
  • WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CANADA, INC., Joseph Zwetolitz, Vice President New Board Member!


The CNA Board of Directors meets to elect new members


Chairman’s farewell. Thank you, Wayne, for your years of service!
John Beck, Aecon Chair, addresses the crowd at the Refurbishment Summit that followed our AGM.
Panel of speakers at the Aecon Refurbishment Summit
Minister Bentley speaking to the audience
Minister Bentley and VIPs at the Aecon Refurbishment Summit
Minister Bentley and Aecon Staff
Preparing for a tour of the Aecon shop floor. Nice safety gear!



CNA’s 52nd AGM – Call for Nominations

Attention CNA Members!

The call for nominations is out, will you answer?

The 52nd CNA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is taking place on May 17 at Aecon Industrial, in Cambridge, Ontario. This year we are electing 13 of 31 Board of Directors – that’s more elected Board members than the CNA has ever had!

Nomination letters and forms have been sent to all CNA Members in good standing and the response has been overwhelming. We have received a great number of nominations, but don’t worry; there are still spots left, so get your nominations in.

AGM packages are in the mail and will arrive shortly. You can also visit the Members Only section of cna.ca for all the AGM documentation, including the nomination form, AGM agenda, location details and more!

For inquiries, please contact Marie-danielle Davis at davism@cna.ca or call 613-237-4262 x 102.

We are stronger when we work together. Add your voice to the collective planning, coordination and implementation of the services and value your CNA provides.

See you May 17 at Aecon Industrial, in Cambridge, Ontario for the 52nd CNA Annual General Meeting!