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Memories from the CNA’s 2016 Fall Energy Seminar

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CNA Fall Energy Seminar Features Release of 2015 Life-Cycle Analysis of Canadian Electricity Options

fall-seminarWith climate change as a top priority for decisions about electricity generation, it is more valuable now than ever to understand the carbon impact of our energy activities, from construction to decommissioning.

A life-cycle analysis of a technology takes into account all the activities required for its function – not just during operation. It is easy to point out that fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases, and compare nuclear and renewable sources as comparatively zero-emissions – but doing so disregards the carbon impact of mining, construction, and other non-operational activities.

This fall, on October 7-8, the CNA will hold its inaugural Fall Energy Seminar at the Hilton Toronto. We will debut our latest life-cycle study, and discuss its conclusions in the pursuit of a cleaner electricity future.

Registration is affordably priced and is open to everyone.