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16th International Meeting on Radiation Processing

Industry leaders and scientific experts from around the world will gather at IMRP Montreal 2011, the 16th global forum of the international radiation processing community,  to discuss, debate and discover the latest in industrial electron beam, x-ray and gamma ray technology.

Having this international meeting in Montreal is a perfect fit. The city is recognized for its outstanding university research base and advancements in food irradiation, healthcare and life sciences. What’s more is nuclear R&D in Canada supports materials testing and product improvements, medical products and services, training and development of scientists and engineers, and other activities of high value to an advanced economy. Investment in nuclear R&D is an essential investment in the health and safety of every Canadian.

Downloadable Meeting Information
IMRP Content programme (PDF)
IMRP Programme at a Glance (PDF)

Nordion is the Regional Sponsor and Gala Host of this year’s International Meeting on Radiation Processing,  which is very fitting since Nordion is an industry leader in gamma sterilization technologies (see our previous post about their custom-built food-only irradiator). They have created a microsite for the event where you can find out information about their participation at IMRP 2011, including  the following:
• A two-hour tour of the Nordion CIC on June 13
• See what’s new at Nordion by visiting Booth #10-11
• Hear from Nordion research and development experts
• Schedule a meeting with Nordion

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Nordion Builds North America’s First Food-Only Gamma Irradiator

This is a prime example of how the nuclear industry continues to play an increasingly important role in the lives of Canadians – and North Americans – not only for power generation but for our most basic health and safety too.

Delicious and Safe Produce – Photo courtesy of Nordion

Nordion has built North America’s first gamma irradiator, custom-built to eliminate insect pests from fresh fruit.  Irradiation is commonly used to protect consumers from food-borne disease, reduce spoilage and improve shelf life. Gamma sterilization works by exposing products to a measured dose of ionizing radiation from Cobalt-60 (also supplied by Nordion). This destroys insect pests and helps to reduce harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli. (E.coli is a serious health threat. An outbreak is underway in Europe right now) And of course, gamma irradiation doesn’t affect the taste or nutritional value of fruits and veggies.

The irradiator was built for Benebion, a Mexican provider of phytosanitary services to exporters of fruit and vegetables, a USD$7.1 billion industry in Mexico. The plant in Matehuala will have the annual capacity of 300,000 metric tons!

Pallet Irradiator – Photo courtesy of Nordion

Nordion has been in the gamma sterilization game for over 40 years. CEO Steve West says, “As demonstrated by this new facility, Nordion is able to tailor its sterilization systems to meet its customers’ specific processing needs … Nordion brings unparalleled experience, reliability and expertise to customers such as BENEBION.”

Arved Deecke, CEO of Benebion is happy about the irradiator and says, “The new Nordion irradiator allows us to do just that [serve the produce industry]. Mexico will now be able to export guava at significant volumes and offer tree-ripened quality mangoes, something simply not achievable with the current hot water dipping process.”

Canada’s federal Government and the Canadian nuclear industry have a long history of investing in nuclear R&D. Let’s keep it up!

Read more in Nordion’s full press release.